MP-5 gas mask

Today I bought a new gas mask, the polish MP-5 mask. It came together with an unused and sealed filter in its haversack. The mask is brand new, I had to peel off the protection foil on the lens. You know this satisfying feeling when you bought a new Smartphone or TV.

This is my first review of an gas mask, so I have to figure out how to do it.

I think it might be interesting to know a few facts about the mask, so here we go.

Facts about the Mask:

Made in:Poland
Using organisations:Polish armed forces
Polish Civil Defence
Ukrainian armes forces
Manufactured since:1990s
Connection:40mm STANAG
Special features:The mask is made out of semi-solid butyl rubber.

Interesting to know: the mask is a licensed copy of the French ARF-A gas mask.

My Rating:

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