First stop: heavy CBRN protection gear!

The first big thing I bought for my collection of gear was the zodiac hazmat suit. Together with my M65 gas mask, it makes a perfect protection against everything CBRN related.

On the right you can see me in my Zodiac suit. 

The Zodiac is mainly made of three parts:

  1. the Top
  2. the Pants
  3. the Boots
First stop: heavy CBRN protection gear!

The Top

The hood with the three recesses for the gas mask is fixed with an strap that goes around the back of the head. Plus the mask straps inside the hood it is fixed and secured. At the ends of the sleeves are cuffs for the hands. The gloves are slipped over these fixed parts and thus seal this area.

The connection to the pants is made using a wrap.

The Pants

The trousers are similar to dungarees, only with the special feature that the straps can be completely removed. There is also a connection between the two straps to prevent them from slipping off the shoulders. The flexible boot cuffs are attached to the lower end of the trouser legs. These are put over the rubber boots.

The Boots

The Boots are heavy industrial rubber boots. After the boot cuffs have been put over the boots, two metal rings are inserted into the boots to reinforce them and thus ensure that the cuff is sealed. Unfortunately, this is the weak point of the whole suit, so it happens that my sweat runs out there regularly.

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